My name is Jud, I am from Lima, Peru. I work as a photographer and photo retouching. From a very young age I have always been inclined to art themes in school and later, as a teenager, my professional career interests have been linked to art and creativity.
First, I decided to pursuit graphic design, which I studied at Toulouse Lautrec Institute.  However, when I was about to graduate, I felt that it was not for me (it happens to many).  I decided to study photography at ‘’Centro de la Imagen’’ at the same time I was finishing my last year at Toulouse Lautrec.  I felt photography was a better fit for me. At the beginning I was just curious about photography as it all started as a hobby, but then with practice and self-training I improved my photography skills and I absolutely love it.
I spent a few years working in areas very different from my field of study, but in 2014 I made the decision to focus solely on photography. In 2017 I took a short high-end photography beauty course and discovered a world that has captivated me to this day.
Today I continue to learn and improve my techniques in photography and retouching. I am proud of all the progress I’ve made so far, despite the insecurities, fears, and different paths that sometimes push us away from what we really love to do. But everything are lessons learned, and I wouldn’t change my path for anything, because thanks to it I am here, and I am who I am.
Thank you for visiting my page and reading about this small part of my life, I hope you like my work and if you wish to contact me, at the top left corner under '' contact '' you can reach out to me and I will gladly respond as soon as possible.
Have an awesome day!!!
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